illadelStyles Website Catering to Actors

April 27, 2010


illadelStyles Entertainment website caters to inspiring actors looking to get exposed. Actors and actresses can contact the site for future projects. The site also caters to hip hop artists in the Philadelphia area.


Concealed Habitat – Movie Premiere

October 1, 2009
Jermaine Quick a.k.a. EQ Philly
Friday, October 9, 2009
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Community College of Philadelphia-16th & Springardens St./Bonnell Bldg
16th Street between Callowhill and Springarden St
Philadelphia, PA

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“Digable Planets”Doodlebug in New Movie….

October 1, 2009

CONCEALED HABITAT  is about two friends, Lockey ( played by James Cagnie of Capital Punishment Records), and Frisco, (played by Mista Wee of illadelStyles Recordings) who are trying against surmounting odds to conceal a robbery/homicide. As they are making their plans to finally escape their reality, they are continually confronted with their own personal life issues. Lockey has an issue with his girlfriend Talayla (played by Que from the recording artist Freeway’s movie What We Do). Talayla is being raped by her stepfather Mr. Blake, (played by (Cee Knowledge of the Grammy award winning group “Digable Planets“). Frisco has an issue with his kid brother, just a toddler, who is being abused by his evangelist mother.

As Lockey and Frisco navigate through this chaotic day, they are also being pursued by detectives. This forces them to make fast decisions; but are they the right decisions?  As the police close in, more and more people are getting involved in their situation and word is slipping out. How do they know who is on their side? The town is talking, the streets are buzzing and the neighborhood is chiming in. Where can they go? They are frantically trying to complete this mission. Will the police get their men, will their problems prove too heavy a burden, is their bond strong enough to keep a lid on this powder keg, will their emotions fail them?

They are on the run and out of time and patience, what will be the outcome?………………….You have to see it

-Docta Shock

Special Guest appearance by Rob Schwartz (Whomag Magazine), and Sand Cannon (REUP Gang).